It is a part of me .

A part that becomes so distant

so cold

that it envelopes me.

In darkness , in solitude ;

it eats away

bit by bit

all emotions

making the world

dark and people

rather devilish.

It is this part

that drains the colour

off my face ;

makes me look

eerily Beautiful.

For it is that

that they seem to appreciate.

It is that part of me

that makes me beautiful.

The laughter, the joy

the sadness , the anger

I’ve forgotten to feel .

I keep a facade , a facade

A facade of humour,

A facade of indifference,

A facade of Glee,

A facade of pity.

Because the real me

resides in that  part of me,

gluttonous affectively free.


3 thoughts on “Facade

  1. shreyakhetan says:

    Utterly compelling ! It reminded me of the poem “once upon a time ” by gabriel okara. I read this thrice .I loved it specially the last three lines. It is wonderfully written ! 🙂


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