I see a meadow

I see a meadow
Where no one’s afraid of death.
Where there are no offences.
No fences.
Where I am not compelled to run run run .
Where I can breathe.
Where I don’t have to hide ,
Yet express through my featureless face
Where I don’t have to perform a background check to hear your tales.
Where carbs don’t compel me to stop consuming the cravings my Corazon desires ,
Where the wrongs and the rights don’t bother us ,
What does effect us though is the beauty.
The sheer beauty of everything. the sheer beauty of all phenomena .
The sheer beauty of the medical crater on my leg ,
the sheer beauty of the songs of the donkey. The sheer beauty of honesty .
This place I find myself standing alone. Be brave and let your inhibitions go.
And come and join me in this meadow .


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