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Slouched, slumped, bundled

My Body!

Soaked, dripping wet

Beads of tears and sweat,

A sticky stench clinging to me.

Violent cries hushed to silent wails

As they chocked on my throat,

Squeezing out through my clenched teeth.

I lay a shattered figurine.


Long hours passed before,

The tears dried up,

Lungs welled up,

I slowly stood up.

The mirror, cold blooded;

Staring; with impassive savagery.

Its callous cavernous eyes,

Stripping me with ruthless repugnance.


Bare, battered, and broken,

I say to myself



Stand straight!”

A yelp within.


Can’t let them see!

Can’t let them know!”

Lips stretched – ear to ear, with a steady shiver

Teeth blared – pale fear beneath a fake sneer

Hairs were brushed and cheeks were wiped

And a silent blurt,

“This is happiness”,

I coaxed a farce through my head

And put a bullet through my skull.

Not a…

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Lessons from a 4 year old

Open your mouth wide
And laugh like no one is watching
Music is to be felt
Hum a tune or better, sing loud like no one is watching
Hop, skip and jump
Dance like no one is watching
Let the food you love leave marks on your face
Eat like no one is watching
Allow your mind to run free
Write like no one is watching
Let your heart take decisions sometimes
Love like no one is watching
Enjoy the simple pleasures of life
Live like no one is watching


Writing seems to by my only outlet.
As music plays
I lose control over my inhibitions
Explore my innermost feelings
I am purple.
I am pink.
I am green.
I am red.
Dreaming with open eyes
I want to achieve so much in one night
I see myself bare
Wanting to do the things I have never done
Craving the freedom to act
Wishing for the night to stretch forever.