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Slouched, slumped, bundled

My Body!

Soaked, dripping wet

Beads of tears and sweat,

A sticky stench clinging to me.

Violent cries hushed to silent wails

As they chocked on my throat,

Squeezing out through my clenched teeth.

I lay a shattered figurine.


Long hours passed before,

The tears dried up,

Lungs welled up,

I slowly stood up.

The mirror, cold blooded;

Staring; with impassive savagery.

Its callous cavernous eyes,

Stripping me with ruthless repugnance.


Bare, battered, and broken,

I say to myself



Stand straight!”

A yelp within.


Can’t let them see!

Can’t let them know!”

Lips stretched – ear to ear, with a steady shiver

Teeth blared – pale fear beneath a fake sneer

Hairs were brushed and cheeks were wiped

And a silent blurt,

“This is happiness”,

I coaxed a farce through my head

And put a bullet through my skull.

Not a…

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